Indian International Film Academy + $12M Tax Payers Money = ?

As I sit here and watch all the previous IIFA specials on TV, I think back on the awards show in Toronto last weekend and I feel jipped. Where was all the star power that was promised?!

The IIFA awards lacked the star power that was confirmed by IIFA themselves, Saif Ali Khan was scheduled to host Fashion Rocks – he was a no-show. Salman Khan was scheduled to debut his movie – he was a no-show. Priety Zinta who attended the press conference earlier was scheduled to come – again, no-show.

For months the media all over North America went over a tizzy that finally Bollywood was making its first grand appearance in North America, selecting Toronto to be its port of call. Hundreds and thousands of dollars went into advertising that the show would be like no other. The heavy weights of the Industry would all be there – Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan and the Bacchan family to name a few. But, instead, in the end, it was left to Shah Rukh Khan to shoulder much of the show. –

Don’t get me wrong I was super exited during the week leading up to the awards, especially when we got the confirmation that Bollywood superstar SRK would be coming down (he single-handedly saved the awards show), I was totally caught up in the hype and ready to experience IIFA! – but now that I take the time to reflect back on  IIFA weekend, it  was defiantly not worth $12M.

The Ontario government spent $12M to host IIFA this year – what was it for?

All we got was a poorly organized and second rate awards ceremony that did not respect time (it started an hour late) and dragged on for 5 hours so that by the time the people rolled out, there was no TTC available to go home. Also many are questioning as to what exactly happened to the $12m? Was it used to pay exorbitant fees to enrich already rich Indian actors? If that is the case, surely the money will go out of Canada. And for what? To please the South Asian diaspora from which many are actually cribbing at how badly they got ripped off? –

The two article by sums it all up nicely – Thoughts?


2 responses to “Indian International Film Academy + $12M Tax Payers Money = ?

  1. I certainly agree to the above statement.. totally agree.. As, I am glad that I didnt spend that much money over the ticket to just go watch them. As first of all hard to see from where ever the seating would be located. Secondly, all those big starts never came to the IIFA awards. Past IIFA awards have been so amazing, and all those starts always the big stars have attended. Compare to this recent one in Toronto, wasnt worth to even have this type of event here. The audiences holds all the rights to judje towards the celebrities, that if they all been able to attend most of thier IIFA awards, in most 7 continents/ countries across the world then why not here in Toronto? plus thier timings weren’t organized at all. To be honest, this show was only waste of time for all, plus un organized and IIFA awards just had to take place, as no choice.. totally hopeless show.. Also, the regular people whether inside or outside, wore amazing outfits, compare to the celebrities themselves. This awards took place, as if had no choice and had to take place. Not alot of performances, not big stars, unorganized totally..

  2. i agree and i would like my money back and i wasted my time the stars i wanted to come did come. it was not organized and the show was late and end late, was not thw way it use to be.

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