Vivek Oberoi – Great Actor. Man. Philanthropist.

I got to meet Vivek Oberoi during the IIFA weekend when he came to meet his Torontonain Fans at the Sheraton Hotel for “Red Carpet Event”. He is a really quiet person, who was excited to come to Toronto and just wanted to explore the city. He wanted to know what cultural events were going on and were he could see some art in the city. He was also really excited to meet his fans – he took the time to take pictures, sign autographs and even chat with people for a bit. Overall his quiet demeanor an enthusiasm for being in Toronto and meeting his friends was simply amazing!

Many may not know this, but Vivek also is a major philanthropist in the field of health, education and disaster relief. He has been recognized as the youngest person and the only Bollywood actor in the prestigious Forbes Asian Heroes of Philanthropy list.

Vivek has long been associated with various foundations and causes and has reportedly donated $ 3 million to date and helped raise $ 25 million to support charitable institutions dedicated towards social causes.

There is a lot more to the man behind his boyish charm and killer smile!

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