Oh My Gold – new TLC series hosted by Lisa Ray

TLC is all set to tell the world how Indians love jewellery – in a show hosted by actor Lisa Ray. Starting from July 11 the show will initially be shot in five cities- Hyderabad, Kochi, Chennai, Jaipur and Delhi. The five-part show ‘Oh My Gold’ will be air daily from 11 July at 9 pm.

The cities have been chosen for their own special features as far as jewellery went. Jaipur was known for ‘jardhau’ jewellery, Hyderabad for its pearls, Chennai for its design based temple jewellery, Kochi for the shine and light jewellery, and Delhi for its craze for diamonds.

Other Indian lifestyles being telecast on TLC include Travel: Indian Rendezvous; Cuisine; A matter of Taste with Vir Sanghvi; Fashion: Adventures f Ladies Tailor Manish Arora; Travel and Leisure – Dream Hotels by Sushama Reddy; Travel and Cuisine – Vir Sanghvi’s Asian Diary, and Celebrity Lifestyle – Living with a superstar, Shah Rukh Khan.

 (@Lisaraaniray)Super stoked to start promoting OMG, my series for TLC here in India: for behind the scenes images check this out: http://t.co/QPO5DlQ


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