The Red Carpet with Vivek Oberoi and Shahrukh Khan – Pictures!!!

The Red Carpet event with Shahrukh Khan and Vivek Oberoi was a HUGE success!!! The stars were gracious, humble, and so excited to meet their fans! I was honestly surprised at how down to earth they are. They didn’t need anything except water, they didn’t have list of ‘must haves’, and they were SUPER nice! They took the time to chat with their fans, they took pictures with their fans, and even signed autographs.

The Prince of Bollywood -Vivek Oberoi came first. Prior to the event he tweeted about it, letting his fans know that he was looking forward to meeting them; “@vivek_oberoi: Looking forward 2partying with my Canadian fans at the Sheraton this Friday, 24th of June…see u guys there! :)”.

He is the most humble person ever, he wanted to know what there was to see in Toronto, the best places to check out art, and what cultural events are happening in the city! As soon as he got on stage the crowd just erupted! He met met with his fans and took pictures and even chatted with a few.

Then came King Khan himself, Mr. Shahrukh Khan. When he came on stage crowd just went bezerek! People were crying, screaming, and just showing him so much love. After calming the fans down a bit, did some Q&A with the audience, chatted about his upcoming movie Ra One. Over all the night was just  EPIC! He even signed autographs and took some pics 🙂

I am still on cloud nine after the whole weekend!!!!

Click here for all the pics!!!

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