Bollywood Bloggers don’t have to be Indian!

A recent article in the Globe & Mail highlights the fact that lovers in Indian Cinema are  not all – Indian!

The grandiose story lines, unrealistic scenes, and flashy musical numbers found in Bollywood movies seem to transcend race, religion, and language – this is the power of Bollywood.

“This is my collection of Bollywood DVDs, which I’m quite proud of. There are five shelves and [they’re] bursting at the seams,” says Irina Costachescu, showing off her carefully catalogued compilation with a grin in the living room of her cozy North York condo.

Although Ms. Costachescu, 30, grew up in Romania at a time when black-and-white Bollywood movies were shown on TV, she didn’t begin to obsess over them until 2008, when she took a Bollywood dance class at the Harbourfront Centre Community Centre.

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One response to “Bollywood Bloggers don’t have to be Indian!

  1. Like me! I’m half white, half Japanese, but started watching Bollywood movies when I was around 12 and never stopped! It helps growing up in such a multicultural city as well (Toronto).

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