Volunteer for IIFA!!!

The ‘Friends of IIFA’ volunteer program is seeking volunteers to assist with a variety of IIFA events leading up to and during the IIFA Weekend. This is an great opportunity anyone who loves bollywood and film to get involved and experience firsthand the biggest celebration of Indian cinema and culture.
Check out the details if you want to volunteer for the hottest event this summer!
Date: May 5 2011
Time: 2:00 – 8:00pm
Location: Fairmont Royal York, Toronto


3 responses to “Volunteer for IIFA!!!

  1. How come AB is back in IIFA Awards, we are really tired of them. Every IIFA held you hardly see much of the stars come in – will IIFA stops if Bigh B and his family rules the IIFA’s – so called good friend, just a joke again.

    We hope SRK is doing anchering who hardly comes to IIFA cermony – suppose he is “NOT A GOOD FRIENDS OF IIFA”! Well we are looking foward to see him in Toronto specially the younger generation loves him.

  2. Hi I have been resident of Malton/Brampton since 1970. I have spent some time in Bombay before coming to canada. Dharmender Deol Actor is my good friend. I like to know as Punjabi communitypeople are in majority in GTA area, Malton,Mississauga and Brampton and Rexdale. We built Sikh Temples and Hindu Manders in area. I like to know you guys will invite Dharm Ji. I like to work as Volunteer in Mississauga and Brampton area during events.Please do reply. With good wishes.

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