IIFA Club Party – Thursday June 23, 2011.


Check out the flyer for the official IIFA after party at Libery Grand – note,  stars on the flyer have not been confirmed to attend.

Looking forward to some of the IIFA parties during the Toronto IIFA weekend??? We heard today that the “IIFA Club Party” will be held at Toronto’s prestigious venue – Liberty Grand on Thursday June 23rd. Tickets are expected to be around $25-$30, so stay tuned for more information on where tickets can be purchased and your chance to party with some of Bollywood’s hottest stars!!!!


7 responses to “IIFA Club Party – Thursday June 23, 2011.

  1. is this the massive PCS party. I heard that Punjab Culture Shock plans a return and is hosting the biggest club party with DJ Aqueel from Mumbai and Bally Sagoo, however, I heard they are doing it at Muzik, WOW!! have u any more news….

  2. is there an official site to get more info?

    wanna get tickets for this asap. surprised theres hasnt been more promo for an event of this size

  3. hey.. i was just wondering if there is any after party or any other party going on after iffa. cuz i was not able to get the tickets for iffa..please let me know

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