Hrithik Roshan wants special effects similar to ‘Avatar’ in ‘Krrish 3’

Hrithik Roshan wants the special effects in Krrish 3 to be on the same level as the Hollywood film Avatar.

A source tells New Kerala, “Hrithik is not sure about the feasibility of the Krissh series anymore. Not after James Cameron’s Avatar. I saw the film in Los Angeles. And it certainly made me sit up and rethink about Krissh. But I don’t think it is impossible to create effects on a par with Hollywood. We need to budget Krissh 3 intelligently.”

Hopefully the special effects in Krrish 3 will wow audiences around the world and we can’t wait to see what the Krrish 3 team comes up with!!!

Photo: Dhingana


3 responses to “Hrithik Roshan wants special effects similar to ‘Avatar’ in ‘Krrish 3’

  1. yup u got right hrithik..! hope graphics level we be the best… in krrish 3.
    recently film released its has very good in graphics.
    btw avataar is high budget movie James Cameroon spend alot of moneys on it… mostly VFX and its took time as well.
    best of luck my fav actor…!!!
    ill be waiting for krrish sequel..
    i want reply of this post about “avtaar similar graphics”..
    reply me asap 🙂

  2. Yeah! u got right Hrithik..
    You must think more about it…
    And graphics really mean to movie mostly Sci-fi or in superhero movie.
    Hrithik sir you should think more about it!! discuss about this with ur dad too hope you’ll discuss and give us response soon..
    Avataar really great movie, it fine awesome by story and graphics as well. graphics are good but story its not interesting i got nothing new in it. im not comparing this movie with another. just wanna say that krrish:3 really require awesome graphics special effects.. and best of luck for ur biggie project
    hope ill get ur reply asap.. try to think more about it.

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